Saturday, May 27, 2017

PostDoc at Lund University - Hydropolitics in the Jordan River Basin

This is how Joshka Wessels Planned and deliberately used crooked methods in order to get access to the Middle East water and hydro sector in 2009 by pretending producing false and imaginary documentary film project which through it she was collecting video material and research data to be used specifically for her Postdoc at Lund University Hydropolitics in the Jordan River Basin that she was deliberate concealing her true intentions in a phony quirky style.

So What makes a mother, a PHD and a filmmaker turn into a webcam sexual abusive woman and offer her body voluntarily, what makes a post doctoral at Lund University barter with her body on webcam and objectifying her body and transforming her self into a sex object?! 

Joshka Wessels created a faked and imaginary film project so as to get more than 24 hours of video material filmed in 2009 so as to use it as a tool to get access to the water sector in the Middle East and to conduct research for her post doctoral project at Lund University Hydropolitics in the Jordan River Basin. 

Joshka Wessels forged three work agreements regarding the work produced in 2009 and she declined to sign two of them. Joshka Wessels with the help of Robert Hoogeveen stolen the work of her partners and altered the stolen material and all characters, ideas and locations into another film project Valleys of hope and Despair.