Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The fraud and robberies Joshka Wessels did with the help of her puppet husband!

When Joshka Wessels was portraying her husband puppet Robert Hoogeveen as a bad person through twitter messages and emails, she didn't know that she needs to call herself nuts and crazy and to describe herself as a stupid person so as to justify deleting all those messages which they were sent to her coworkers in order to mislead them and manipulate them about her relation with her husband and to give the impression of suffer with him and later she will offer her body online on webcam so as to bargain and swap with seven months work and research material for a faked film and fraud project and later to use it in her postdoc Hydropolitics in the Jordan River Basin at Lund University.

Psychopath Misandrist Joshka Wessels or Josepha Ivanka Wessels is ready to do all kind of Lies and despicable ploys she has no problem to say all kind of bad things about her puppet husband or to describe him with all bad things, and its ok for her to forge three work agreements so as to steal the work of seven months, she has no problem to lie to everybody and to say that she loves them and she can love two people and she dont know if she love her husband anymore and ultimately of course she needs to offer her body the last card to play with, this is how Joshka Wessels did her work and research for her post doc at Lund University and the film Valleys of Hope and Despair for Aljazeera Witness.