Friday, March 18, 2016

Psychopath Josepha Ivanka Wessels or the so called Joshka Wessels showing her disgusting talents from her tongue and nose!

Psychopath Joshka Wessels trying to find excuses for her shameful crime and robbery with the help of her husband Robert Hoogeveen, she is trying to explain with deceit and malice and she is evading her work commitments through shameful family issues and emotional blackmailing. Listen to her shameful intentional negativity she was using and know her truth and how she was manipulating to get rid of her coworkers and steal all the work produced in 2009 and using it in her post doc research at Lund University.

Listen very well to the audio recording in this link and you will understand the disgusting behaviors that Joshka Wessels was conducting with her work partners and her psychopath hateful character who was just transmitting negativity and hate towards her friends and coworkers in 2009!

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