Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The shameful truth of psychopath serial liar Josepha Ivanka Wessels or Joshka Wessels and her puppet Robert Hoogeveen!

Does it require psychopath like Josepha Ivanka Wessels or Joshka Wessels to create this silly emotional family drama and to practice negativity about her family and husband so as to cover her fraud and bullshit with her work partners and to get rid of them after stealing their work?!? Does it require Post Doctoral candidates at Lund University and Copenhagen University to practice emotional blackmailing and to lie about their families in order to make their research? Psychopath Joshka Wessels portrayed her puppet husband Robert Hoogeveen as an obstacle and a problem and as a bad person so as to get rid of her work partners and to give the impression of a serious argument and she was intentionally imposing her negativity and shameful emotional blackmailing and hate and greedy towards her work partners in a Vile and despicable manner after she got all the work material and research needed for her postdoc and in this link you can know the true nature of her as real and sick psychopath with no conscience https://www.psychopathfree.com/content.php?341-5-Things-Sociopaths-and-Narcissists-Say-to-Make-You-Feel-Crazy

Joshka Wessels with the help of her puppet husband conducted a work fraud and scam and stolen the work of Seven months in 2009 which was the real purpose for that work is her Post Doc research at Lund Universality Hydropolitics in the Jordan River Basin.