Saturday, September 19, 2015

Josepha Ivanka Wessels or psychopath Joshka Wessels trying to explain why she deleted shameful messages sent to her partners!

Joshka Wessels Psychopath, again trying to explain with villainy in its highest levels and with shameful lies why she deleted shameful messages sent by her for fraud and hate intentions because of her “hormone imbalance” while she deleted them because they reveal her Ville shameful truth and because these messages will shame her and her husband poppet Robert Hoogeveen! Yes she admits that she do stupid things and it’s something with her, she says that only when she knew that these messages will shame her and shame her poppet husband and reveal her robbery and work fraud this is the real JoshkaWessels whodeceived Lund University about the source of her research and work material used in her PostDoc Hydropolitics in the Jordan River Basin.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The ultimate robbery by Josepha Ivanka Wessels or Joshka Wessels.

The truth behind the work fraud and robberies Josepha Ivanka Wessels or Joshka Wessels did in 2009 so as to steal more than 24 hours of filmed material during seven months of work so as to use them in her post doc research project at Lund University Hydropolitics in the Jordan River Basin after making her husband as an argument so as to get rid of her work partners. In this audio link Joshka Wessels is dismissing her work partners arbitrary citing with family dilemmas and using her husband Robert Hoogeveen as an argument.

Joshka Wessels shares her personal life and her family matters and her problems with her husband with strangers? And why she was working on demonizing her husband and portraying her relation with him as a bad one and pretending suffer with him and Robert Hogeveen is not happy with his wife the artist and the filmmaker and Joshka Wessels is suffering because of that and she can't change. Only in this way she will transform the relation with her work partners into a personal relation and not work relation so she will be able to steal all the produced work in 2009 so as to use it in her Post-Doctoral project in Lund University. Joshka Wessels and her puppet Robert Hoogeveen practiced work fraud and scam so as to use other people for their business projects in Lund University and to steal the work of seven months in 2009. "If i choose him and the kids i cannot work with you this is how he said!"