Thursday, September 25, 2014

The truth behind Psychopath Joshka Wessels fraud and scam in 2009 and her Machiavellianism.

Amazing how Psychopathy Joshka Wessels, is expressing her Machiavellian and lunatic Hallucinations talents in order to cover her work fraud and robbery of 24 hours of video material in 2009 and how she should pretend mental Hallucinations and disorders.  Joshka Wessels don't know herself anymore and she needs help according to what she is saying in this Skype conversation. This is how she was justifying her robbery and work fraud by giving the impression that she is suffering from a mental disorders and she needs help and by making her kids and her husband Robert Hoogeveen an argument.

Joshka Wessels manipulated about the truth of her work and research in the Middle east and the source of her material that she used in her postdoc at Lund University and how she created a faked documentary film project in Palestine and Israel in 2009 so as to use it as a cover and tool to make research in the water sector and she hired people to work with her and she didn't fulfill their financial dues. Please spread the word about this shameful crime Joshka Wessels committed with her husband Robert Hoogeveen.

Listen Carefully to these audio links so as to know what kind of Machiavellian work fraud Psychopathy Joshka Wessels was practicing so as to cheat her coworkers and steal their work and by faking three work agreements she used them to steal all the 24 hours of video material produced for a faked film project.