Monday, June 16, 2014

The true and respectful Ethics of the so called "Post Doc" at Copenhagen University Notorious Machiavellianist Josepha Ivanka Wessels

Joshka Wessels or Josepha Ivanka Wessels psychopath is using her husband Robert Hoogeveen as a tool to get rid of her work partners and to steal all the produced material during the seven months in 2009. Joshka Wessels created this silly family emotional issue pretending that her husband is not allowing her to work with other people and he will divorce her if she continues working with her colleagues! And what is better than using family matters and the sister of her husband so as to give the impression that there are serious family problems and the situation is getting more complicated in order to disclaim from her commitments towards her work partners and to steal the work of seven months, this is the ethics of the what so called "PostDoc at Lund University" Joshka Wessels and this is the shameful work fraud she committed in 2009 through faked and imaginary film projects and through selling her body on webcam. If you listen carefully to the audio links up you will find out how Once she don't know any more if she love Robert and she think so!! And after a few seconds "of course I love him" either it's mental disorder or shameful work fraud.
What makes Joshka Wessels share her personal life and her family matters and her problems with her husband with strangers? And why she was working on demonizing her husband and portraying her relation with him as a bad one and pretending suffer with him? Only in this way she will transform the relation with her work partners into a personal relation and not work relation so she will be able to steal all the produced work in 2009 so as to use it in her Post Doctoral project in Lund University.

Joshka Wessels and Robert Hoogeveen practiced work fraud and scam so as to use other people for their business projects in Lund University and to steal the work of seven months in 2009. So according to Joshka Wessels she can be in a relation with two people at the same time and of course it's ok for her husband! And according to what she is saying she has never been in this situation! Joshka Wessels can have a work relation and personal relation at the same time with the same person, she ask from her friends to do work for her and to be her work partners and at the same time she ask from her work partners and colleagues to have relation with them and she offer them her body on webcam and stalking them!! What can we call this?! So she used her personal relations as a cover for her work fraud and robbery through a faked film projects with the help of Robert Hoogeveen, Eric Trometer and Dana Trometer from Tarmak Media in London, and since no woman in a stable mental conditions can accept to love two people at the same time unless she want to cheat and scam, Joshka Wessels did that so as to have the access to the water sector in the Middle East for her Post Doc project in Lund University (Hydropolitics in the Jordan River Basin), unless she is really emotionally not well and nuts and crazy as she called herself.

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