Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blue Peace and the Black business of Joshka Wessels.

The amount of corruption and deception that Joshka Wessels was engaged in is outstanding, it's not only about the Hydropolitics in the Jordan River Basin in Lund University and the film Valleys of Hope and Despair but also the WebDoc platform the Blue Peace submitted to the EsoDoc training workshop in 2011 

Joshka Wessels want to make the maximum profit and benefit out of the Seven months full time work and the 24 hours of video material that she stolen in 2009 by creating a faked an imaginary film projects and faking work agreements.The Webdoc project Blue Peace by Joshka Wessels is a result of the work and the filming that was done in Palestine and Israel in 2009 for Seven months for another film project and Joshka Wessels stolen the video material and used it's content and the stories found by other people in 2009 in the Middle East. She was practicing a shameful emotional blackmailing like the one in this link http://watersecuritization.blogspot.com/2013/02/joshka-wessels-robert-hoogevven-eric.html and many other shameful lies and sexual manipulation with the help of her husband.

Joshka Wessels used her body, husband and her kids as a tool to cheat and manipulate and to steal more than 24 hours of video material and she wrote three faked agreements so as to steal the rights of her coworkers and she portrayed her husband and kids as an obstacles and she made them as an argument so as to steal all this work and to use it in her projects with Aljazeera and Lund University and to create this project The Blue Peace.

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